Yoon Jong Shin gets the highest vote on JTBC “Hidden Singer”

Singer Yoon Jong Shin grabbed the title of Most Votes on his latest appearance on the JTBC show Hidden Singer. Competing against his vocal doppelganger on the October 18th episode, Yoon Jong Shin shines as a legendary musician of Korea. 

Appearing on the October 18th episode of Hidden Singer, Yoon Jong Shin showed confidence in the beginning, questioning if there is anyone who can follow him. Along with this statement, Yoon Jong Shin also stated that “I’ve never seen anyone who can mimic my voice. Even Bae Chul Soo can’t mimic what I say and he is a close friend of mine.”

And as he predicted, Yoon Jong Shin grabbed not only the title of victory, but the most votes in the history of Hidden Singer, a mark of 89.

The program Hidden Singer brings one real singer and three competitors who attempt to mimic the singer’s singing vocals, and the audience has to guess who the real singer is. Seeing many singers go through this program with harsh difficulty, Yoon Jong Shin surely has a voice of his own.

You can watch Yoon Jong Shin’s rounds below!

Source: E News Today