Yoon Jong Shin releases MV for “Happy Tears”

On November 17th, legendary singer and songwriter Yoon Jong Shin released the music video for his newest track, “Happy Tears,” an OST for the upcoming movie My Love, Don’t Cross That River.

The song, which the singer performed with a great deal of emotion, was paired with a music video that was equally as emotional. The video followed a day with an elderly couple that included fun in the snow, as well as a hike along a trail filled with flowers. The pair definitely love spending time together, as they combed each other’s hair and massaged each other’s legs, displaying a love that has surely been strong for decades.

The music video showed that the couple not only enjoyed good times but also weathered through tough situations together as well. Although the song is called “Happy Tears,” the song and the video definitely elicit a feeling of sadness as well. The video was made up of clips from the upcoming movie My Love, Don’t Cross That River, which deals with a couple who has lived together for 76 years, facing the last moments of their marriage. The movie is sure to be a deeply emotional one and is set to be released on November 27th.

In related news, Yoon Jong Shin grabbed the title of Most Votes on his latest appearance on the JTBC show Hidden Singer, recording a mark of 89. Yoon Jong Shin truly is a legendary musician of Korea with a voice that can’t be easily matched.

Be sure to check out the music video for “Happy Tears” below!