Yoon Jong Shin releases stills for 2014 monthly project album

The talented musician and producer Yoon Jong Shin suited up and released images for his 2014 monthly project album. 

Yoon Jong Shin released three photos where he was clothed in an all white suit as well as the classic black and white suit. Although the musician was seen in classic suits, two of the three photos took place in the city where lights shined through in the background whereas the third photo showed Yoon Jong Shin leaning against a wall while posing next to what looks to be a river.

Meanwhile, Yoon Jong Shine released the music video for “Exhausted” in December which features Kwak Jineon and Kim Feel. Although he released “Exhausted” in December, prior to releasing “Exhausted,” he released the music video for the emotional song and OST track, “Happy Tears” in November for the movie My Love, Don’t Cross That River.

Check out his still cuts below:

또다른 컷..

Posted by Yoon Jong Shin on Friday, January 9, 2015