Yoon Sang Hyun sneaks a glass of makgulli on “The Human Condition”

On the January 17th episode of KBS 2TV’s variety show The Human Condition, the cast was given the mission to live without their cars, money, garbage, phones, and the internet. The mission was called “Without 5 Life,” and Yoon Sang Hyun, Eun Ji Won, Bong Tae Gyu, Huh Tae Hee, Hyun Woo, and Kim Jae Young were the cast members in the episode that took on the mission.

During the episode, women at the village hall offer the members some makgulli (korean rice liquor) during their meal. Knowing that trash would be formed if they accepted the drink, the members turn down the offer. Yoon Hyun Sang stated that he “wants one glass of makgulli,” but he has no choice but to give up because of the rest of the casts’ reluctance ,and just washed the dishes instead.

In the end, however, Yoon Hyun Sang secretly asks the woman for a glass of makgulli and drinks it without the other members knowing. He happily returns to the house with a red face saying that “it was really delicious,” and falls asleep as if he fainted, making the members and viewers laugh.

Source: OSEN