Yoon Sang speaks about his wife on “Healing Camp”

Renowned composer and singer Yoon Sang recently spoke of his wife in an episode of Healing Camp.

On the November 10th episode of Healing Camprenowned composer and singer Yoon Sang appeared on the program to talk about his life.

When asked about his wife, Yoon Sang mentioned his first encounter with his wife, actress Shim Hye Jin.

Yoon Sang had this to say about their first encounter: “[It] was during the filming of my music video, and our relationship improved to something more; we ended up tying the knot shortly after.” Yoon Sang also stated that at that time, he was 30 years old while his wife was 23.

He also stated: “I love my wife as a woman of course, but I also admire her as a mother of two, when I see her accomplish so much hard work without my help.”

What do you think of Yoon Sang and his relationship with his wife?

Source: My Daily