Younha releases details for her New Years Concert

On October 21st, the 27-year old singer’s label, wealive, released details for her upcoming New Years Concert “Younha”. The two-day event will be held on December 27th and 28th. 

Although Younha has been known to be a bit of a fangirl, she definitely has a strong following of her own as well. The singer recently made a comeback with “Wasted”, an enchanting song of heartbreak that accentuates her soft, flowing voice. The song was received positively by fans, who are definitely looking forward to hearing Younha sing it live.

And at her New Years Concert, fans can do exactly that! On October 21st, this information was released regarding the December concert dates (all times are in KST):

Performance Date: December 27th (Saturday) & December 28th (Sunday)
Time: 6:00PM (Saturday) / 5:00PM (Sunday)
Location: Ewha Women’s University Auditorium
– Sales Open: October 24 (Friday) at 6:00PM
Ticket Prices: 99,000 won (R Seats) / 88,000 won (S seats)
Duration: 120 minutes (no intermission)

Younha’s performances have been said to be encompass a wide range of feelings, ranging from cute and adorable to emotionally touching. The singer’s beautiful voice is surely a great way to end the chaotic 2014 and usher in the new year, so look forward to “Younha”!

Source: wealive