Younha reveals her inspirational song choices on “MelOn Playlist”

After releasing her autumn ballad single “Wasted“, Younha reveals the songs which inspired her throughout her life, and helped her grow as a musical artist on 1theK‘s MelOn PlaylistOn October 23rd, Younha gave viewers a look into her musical tastes by sharing a playlist of some of her favorite songs. Her playlist, comprised of a good mix of American and Korean songs both old and new, exhibits her music versatility and appreciation.

Recalling a childhood memory of her mother singing this song, Younha had a soft facial expression as she explained her song choice, “Yesterday One More” by the Carpenters. Younha continued, admitting that the songs she listened to with her parents when she was young will be the ones she treasures the most. With this song holding a sentimental feeling in her heart, Younha said that The Carpenters showed her how to sing from a young age. Her expression is truly reminiscent and thoughtful as she shares her MelOn Playlist with fans and viewers. Younha’s down to earth and generous personality comes out during this video as well.

In related news, Younha also shared details about her upcoming concert at the end of the year.

Find out which other songs she picked below!