Younha to make a cameo for “My Lovely Girl”

Known for her expertise as a radio DJ, Younha is confirmed to be making a cameo for an upcoming episode of My Lovely Girl, filming a scene together with INFINITE‘s L

On November 4th, SBS released exclusive stills from an upcoming episode of My Lovely Girl featuring Younha together with Si Woo, the character played by INFINITE’s L.

In the episode, L’s character successfully paves through his debut promotions and lands an interview on Younha’s radio show. The scene will expose L’s admiration for Krystal’s character, Sena, as he is bombarded with personal questions.

Younha was further praised for her natural acting as she portrays her smooth interviewing skills with her junior, L, making her cameo a highlight of the episode.

This episode of My Lovely Girl with Younha’s guest appearance will air on November 5th.

Source: BNTNews