Yuk Ji Dam and Zico release first “Unpretty Rap Star” track, “Up All Night”

Mnet’s Unpretty Rap Star has released the single and music video for “Up All Night,” featuring rapper Yuk Ji Dam and produced by Block B’s Zico.

After her surprising performance and win on the February 5th episode of Show Me The Money’s female spin-off, Unpretty Rap Star, Yuk Ji Dam won the opportunity to feature in Zico’s newly-produced track, “Up All Night.” The track and music video were released later on February 6th through Mnet.

The video shows clips of the recording session between Yuk Ji Dam and Zico, as well as highlights from her performance in the latest episode of the show.

After being underestimated by her competitors and netizens on the first episode, Yuk Ji Dam gave a performance that blew away all expectations and gained praise from judges as well as her competitors, including Lucky J’s Jessi.

Yuk Ji Dam’s lyrics directly confront the backlash that she faced after her humiliating performance on Show Me The Money 3 last year, and she says that “I’m back again, this song is my turning point.” With a strong belief in herself, she claims that she is starting anew to prove all her haters wrong.

Check out “Up All Night” featuring Yuk Ji Dam and Zico!