Yura becomes last Girl’s Day member to join Instagram

Yura has officially joined Instagram, becoming the last Girl’s Day member to join the popular SNS website and posted her cute inaugural photo.

On March 22nd, fans discovered that Yura made an account and posted her first photo on Instagram. The idol star uploaded a cute selca with captions saying, “#Yura #Girl’sDay #Kpopstar Started Instagram! Soon K-Pop Star airing live, watch it real time!!♡♡”

Being the last member of the girls to join the popular SNS, the fans are positively welcoming Yura on Instagram with such comments, including, “Welcome to Instagram unnie,” “Wahh.. so pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ,” “OMG it’s Yura,” and more.

With the live broadcast of SBS K-Pop Star 4 underway, Yura made her first appearance as a joined MC on the show alongside Jun Hyun Moo.

Make sure to follow Girl’s Day’s Yura on Instagram at @yura_936.

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