Z.Tao strikes a friendly pose with Paris Hilton in Shanghai

Making his rounds in a number of fashion show collections this year, Chinese singer Z.Tao gains attention for posing with Paris Hilton

On October 14th, Paris Hilton surprised her followers for posing with Z.Tao and uploading the photo n her official Instagram account. The quick meet-up happened during Shanghai Fashion Week in China and was posted with the caption saying, “#GoodTimes in #Shanghai with@HZTTTAO. Such a nice guy & talented singer. ? #ShanghaiFashionWeek ❤️??.” The two created a friendly vibe on the photo with Paris Hilton smiling brightly towards the camera with Z.Tao taking the V-sign out.

Paris Hilton further earned praise for her update as fans expressed their delight with Z.Tao being introduced to her international followers.

Meanwhile, Z.Tao has been appearing in a number of fashion events this year and recently gained much interest over his controversial appearance at London Fashion Week.

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Source: Dispatch