ZE:A’s Dongjun shares his first Instagram post from Bali

ZE:A’s Dongjun has finally created his personal Instagram account named super_d.j and shared his first selca from Bali on April 4th.

Fellow ZE:A member Hyungsik had the honor of being featured as his partner for the selca. Dressed in comfortable clothes and looking as though they just went for a dip, the two men posed for the camera with their wet hair.

Dongjun left for Bali from Incheon Airport on March 31st, while Hyungsik went separately on April 1st, and both were spotted by fans on April 4th returning to Korea. The two visuals of ZE:A were reportedly there for a magazine photoshoot with Cosmopolitan, where they will be appearing in the May issue.

This is the first overseas pictorial shoot for Dongjun, so he commemorated their relatively long 5-day trip in Bali with a dedication post on his new Instagram account.

Dongjun also showed great proficiency playing around with Instagram, as he was able to successfully edit his photo such that it fit the square dimensions of Instagram and tagging Hyungsik in his post. He has since followed six other ZE:A members, including Lee Hoo (Moon Jun Young), Kevin, Hee Cheol, Kwanghee, Hyungsik, and Minwoo. The only remaining members without an Instagram account are Siwan and Taeheon.

Check out his photo here:


Source: STARN