ZE:A’s Moon Junyoung debuts as a club DJ

ZE:A‘s leader Moon Junyoung, also known as Lee Hoo, debuted as a club DJ on November 28th in Seoul.

Moon Junyoung seems to be spinning some tracks lately as he recently made his debut as a DJ in Gangnam. Junyoung has currently been banned from using all social media and is on a hiatus from his group. This is all due to a series of tweets back in September where Junyoung was claiming to reveal grievances against his agency.

While taking a break from his activities, Junyoung accidentally stumbled upon DJing and decided to make his debut as a DJ. A close aide to him stated, “He encountered DJing by chance, but I think he has a real interest for it. The senior DJs that taught Junyoung also admitted that he has a talent for this.”

It is not clear when Junyoung will resume his activities with ZE:A but he has been taking a break from group activities since October 21st.

Source: DongA