ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik is lost and lonely in first video teaser for “One Day, Anywhere, Somewhere”

A new teaser featuring Park Hyungsik, a member of the boy band ZE:A, was released on March 3rd at midnight KST. Just what is making Hyungsik look so sad?

Titled “One Day, Anywhere, Somewhere,” the teaser is set in a sombre tone, showing a window pane showered with rain, then switches to shots of a dark-screen smartphone while Hyungsik himself is sitting alone on a sofa as he gazes through the rain drenched window panes. As music breaks in with heartwrenching strings and electric guitar notes before we see withered roses and finally, a forlorn Hyungsik singing with a gentle yet fragile voice, accompanied by a piano melody.

What could the teaser be hinting?

Park Hyungsik was also recently confirmed to appear on popular SBS survival show, Laws of the Jungle.