Zelo shows support for Untouchable’s collab single ft. Vasco and Giriboy

Zelo tweeted a teaser for an upcoming Untouchable collaboration with Vasco and Giriboy this morning, amping up fans’ anticipation for the new track.

B.A.P.’s maknae and lead rapper tweeted this picture on November 4th with the caption, “Untouchable 11.7 release ~I’ve missed you, hyungs ^^!” illustrating admiration for his company seniors as well as the two featured guests.

Untouchable is a hip-hop duo consisting of Sleepy (Kim Sung Won) and The Action (Park Kyung Wook).  The hip-hop duo officially debuted back in 2008 and are signed under TS Entertainment. Meanwhile, the featured rappers have built up strong reputations for their powerful rap skills in the underground scene as well as the rapper-dol image, which explains why netizens are abuzz about this upcoming release.

Zelo’s tweet is hyping up fans for the new track as he supports his seniors’ upcoming single release! In other news, B.A.P. won Best Korean and Japanese act at the EMAs and is currently nominated for Best Worldwide Act! The boys of B.A.P. have been working diligently lately as they are in the midst of their worldwide Live on Earth 2014 tour and preparing for a Japanese comeback. However, the South America leg of their tour was recently cancelled for the artists’ health concerns.