Zhoumi makes his solo debut with “Rewind” ft. Chanyeol and Tao of EXO!

After surprising fans with the announcement that Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi would be making his solo debut, SM Entertainment revealed teaser images, a highlight medley, and a music video teaser for Zhoumi’s first mini-album Rewind. Releasing both Korean and Chinese music videos simultaneously, Zhoumi reached yet another milestone, with EXO’s Chanyeol and Tao supporting their labelmate as well!

Much like in his music video teaser, Zhoumi remains both chic as well as manly, showing different versions of his distinct charms throughout the story and choreography portions of the music video. Inducing whispers, rhythmic snaps, and a variety of fashion from simple sweaters to leather jackets and blazers, he makes the R&B track unique, as in their respective versions, Chanyeol and Tao bring even more excitement aboard for Zhoumi’s debut.

All in all, the song and story shows a desires to rewind the moments that have caused a couple to break up. Regarding his debut, miss A’s Fei and Jia have expressed support, as he is the 3rd SM Entertainment male artist to have an official solo album debut following Super Junior-M’s Henry and SHINee’s Taemin.

Watch the awaited music videos below and tell us what you think!