Zhoumi, miss A’s Fei, and Jia share hilarious “before” and “after” picture

On May 23rd, Super Junior-M‘s Zhoumi, miss A‘s Fei, and Jia gathered together as they uploaded a hilarious “before and after” photo on Instagram.

The three first appeared with fresh faces while taking an adorable selca in the “before” photo, however, in the “after” photo, the three were seen with drawings on their faces, which made them appear as if they had glasses, a red nose and more.

An additional photo was also revealed on Jai’s Instagram, revealing a photo collage which includes an individual photo of Zhoumi and additional group photos.

Prior to releasing “before” and “after” photos, Zhoumi and Jia were spotted supporting f(x)‘s Amber as the three gathered together and took a selca.