Zia hears a “Bad Rumor” in her latest music video

Solo artist Zia reveals her strong emotions about a man who cheated on her in her latest music video, “Bad Rumor.”

Focusing on the strong impact of the rumor that Zia hears, the music video for “Bad Rumor” takes place in multiple locations that resemble the mixed emotions of the singer. With the soft playing of the guitar in the background and Zia’s piercing lyrics, she attempted to connect fans with a story that could happen to anyone.

The music video talks about a girl who hears a rumor about her boyfriend cheating on her, but she refuses to believe him. Instead, the girl tries to stand up for him, saying that the rumors were all lies. Later on, the girl discovers that the rumors were true and expresses her feelings about how she feels about the situation.

Zia is seen in the music video walking along a lonely and gloomy beach where there is a broken piano, cello, and trees that are half buried in the sand. The waves are washing up the shore, trying to pull in the instruments and trees on the ground. She relates herself to these objects, trying to hold on to her boyfriend no matter how many bad rumors she heard from the people around her. Similar to the teaser images for the music video, Zia is seen sitting in a room with the clothes strewn all over the place.

Check out her music video below!