Zico, B-Bomb + Kyung tease fans as Block B reveals 3rd “Conduct ZERO” teaser video

With Zico, B-Bomb and Kyung teasing fans on Twitter, the days are counting down to Block B‘s upcoming surprise as the third teaser video for “Conduct ZERO” is revealed.

While no additional information has officially been announced, Seven Seasons has uploaded yet another mysterious video teaser for “Conduct ZERO,” for which teasing began on April 1st with photos, and continued with the release of short teaser videos on April 2nd and April 3rd.

However, in the newest teaser video released on April 4th, viewers are treated to more than just a flashing logo and text! The third teaser video flashes between a fierce scantily-dressed torch-bearing woman in a bra and short skirt wreaking havoc while wielding a bat, and a group of beautiful women in lingerie seductively laying around a radio.

The new reveal also brings viewers away from the gentle instrumental song in the first two teasers to an intense and dramatic beat and chanting, possibly indicative of a powerful new song and concept to come. Fans have theorized that their comeback concept would be based off the movie Conduct Zero, a Korean high school gang/comedy/romance movie, which the exciting new teaser would support.

Further increasing expectations, Zico, B-Bomb and Kyung have followed up on their previous tweets with new updates.

Taking to Twitter, Zico has uploaded a snippet of lyrics to a song while posting “Poom hang ZERO. Sorry 4 da wait.” The lyrics read “Let’s put our hands together and cheer for youth, if you know Say ho, A YO, A YO, Did a lot of bad things when I was younger, Roughly that kind of cunning, It’s time for some action.

Meanwhile, while posting “Conduct ZERO,” B-Bomb has uploaded a photo of an empty driveway, with fans guessing it may be a scene from their music video. Kyung has also posted a short tweet, “I think Conduct ZERO is the best thing that we have done so far.


It has yet to be officially confirmed whether the “Conduct ZERO” teasers are for a Block B comeback, with some fans initially speculating that it is for their recently announced Japan tour, but recent teasers are raising hopes for a comeback.