Zico makes solo debut with “Tough Cookie” MV

After much anticipation, Block B’s Zico has finally made his solo debut with “Tough Cookie” featuring Don Mills! Zico’s new track is a strong track full of personality and a style that perfectly suits the rapper. 

Zico first announced that he would be returning to the music scene with an image teaser on October 30th and continued to raise anticipation for his track with a video teaser and a countdown to its release throughout the week.

The rapper takes on a tough look for his new single, styling his hair in cornrows and wearing a bandana as well as slicking it back, wearing fake grills on his teeth, and sporting lots of gold and silver chains. His baggy yet stylish clothing draws the attention of many beautiful females, as they keep him company throughout the video.

Despite Zico’s tough image and the powerful rapping of both Don Mills and Zico on the track, Zico still manages to incorporate his cookies into the video. He can be seen relaxing in a bathtub full of chocolate cookies and fiercely eating cookies throughout the video.

“Tough Cookie” was produced in collaboration with Don Mills, Jay Park, and Loco. The catchy, hip-hop track showcases a powerful collaboration between the artists.

Check out Zico’s debut song below!