Zion.T announces the release of upcoming 2nd album “Comedian”

After a two year wait, hip-hop artist Zion.T has announced that he will be releasing his second album Comedian.

Zion.T announced the exciting news on Twitter as he said, “Zion.T 2nd Album ‘Comedian,’” on May 1st. Although the release date and additional information has not be announced, fans have been cheering with excitement since Comedian will be a full-length album.

The hip-hop artist released his 1st album Red Light on April 2013 and released an EP in 2014. Since then, he teamed up with Crush to release their collaboration single album, Young. In addition to their album, they released the music video to “Just.”

Meanwhile, he released the music video for “Zero Gravity” in March where the hip-hop artist soulfully sang about the love that sincerely made him feel as if nothing else mattered.