Zion.T, Crush, Gaeko and Choiza have four letter talk on Mnet’s “Naked 4show”

On February 13th, Mnet Naked 4show released a short video clip of Amoeba Culture family’s four letter talk on its show featuring Zion.T, Crush, Gaeko and Choiza.

The four letter talk is a short chat segment that involves speaking in four Korean letters at one time, therefore making it brief and implicit.

Choiza started the four letter talk by telling Zion.T, “Take my calls(전화받아).”  Gaeko also supported Choiza’s accusation of Zion.T always disappearing. He asked Zion.T, “Where are you(너어디야)?”, “What are you up to(너뭐하니)?” 

To all these, Zion.T answered, “I do take calls(받잖아요),” “Send replies(카톡답장), quickly(꼬박꼬박), OK I will(할게요형).”

Next, Choiza said, “The best looks(외모1위),” implying that Crush is the best looking in appearance among all the members of Amoeba Culture. Crush reacted, “That makes no sense(말도안돼),” without showing any pleasure to the compliment. Zion.T also talked about Choiza’s looks, saying, “I thought Choiza also became a bit more handsome lately?”

The latest episode of Naked 4show featuring Zion.T and Crush will be air at 6PM, February 17th (KST) on Mnet.

Check out the full video clip of the 4 letter talk:

Also check out another preview of the upcoming episode of Zion.T and Crush:

Source: Mnet Youtube channel