ZPZG’s Khan suavely covers Epik High’s “Born Hater”

On January 21st, ZPZG’s leader and rapper Khan released a remixed cover of Epik High’s hit song, “Born Hater.” 

The cover video showcased Khan’s rapping and writing skills as he was rapping to his own version of the hit track, “Born Hater.” Khan’s cover video started as it showed multiple short clips from his previous performances on Mnet’s M! Countdown while the video later transitioned to show his rapping in the recording studio.

ZPZG released their debut music video for “Go Crazy” on September 26th where the four members (Khan, Kang, Gyeom and Jihoon) not only showcased their vocals, but choreography as well. “Go Crazy” is an upbeat track that describes a man going crazy after meeting a girl.

Meanwhile, after releasing their music video for “Go Crazy,” the rookie group released the dance practice video for the upbeat track on October 13th where the members are seen sharing laughter as they danced.

Take a look at his rendition below: