FNC Entertainment’s History Of “Failing” Girl Groups
Cherry Bullet recently announced their disbandment.
Popular Third-Generation Idol Marries Music Producer
Congrats to the couple!
Netizens Are Shocked By AOA Seolhyun’s Unique Eating Habits
Some people find this strange, others love it!
Top 3rd-Generation Female Idol Is Getting Married
Congratulations to her!
Choa Sets The Record Straight About Rumors That She Abruptly Left AOA To Get Married
It was because she left when AOA was doing well.
AOA’s Chanmi Drops Her Shocking Diet Routine From Her Girl Group Days
This is all she ate in a day.
She Was Once A God-Tier Star In South Korea… Where Is AOA’s Seolhyun Now?
Here’s what she has been up to.
Former AOA’s Shin Jimin To Hold First Fan Meeting As A Solo Artist
She hopes to make special memories with fans.
Former AOA’s Jimin Officially Drops “Sympathy” Music Video
She is back with her solo music.
Former AOA’s Kwon Mina Reveals That She Had Been Blackmailed And Scammed By A Fraudulent Part Time Job
They threatened her using photos of her body parts.
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