Who Pays For IZ*ONE’s Meals When The Former Members Get Together?
Choi Yena fills fans in on what happens during their reunions!
Choi Yena Names The Most Active Member In IZ*ONE’s Group Chat
“Should I show you guys?”
Choi Yena Flexes Her Unbelievable Wealth On YouTube Variety Show
She’s the real rags to riches success story!
Former IZ*ONE Member Kang Hye Won Receives Criticism For Her Idol Dance Covers — Netizens Come To Her Defense
Hye Won is now a full-time actress.
IVE’s Wonyoung Unexpectedly “Hijacks” Choi Yena’s Chaotic Run-In With Two Men During A Livestream
IZ*ONE fans, assemble!
Former IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon Discusses Her Future As A Singer
She is thriving as an actress right now.
Former IZ*ONE’s Hyewon Grabbed By Masked Person In The Street, Turns Out To Be Jo Yuri
“Someone suddenly grabbed my arm…”
Former K-Pop Idol Gains Attention For Her Dramatic Visual Transformation Suiting Her Career Change
“She doesn’t look like an idol at all…”
IZ*ONE’s Former Yabuki Nako Shocks With Risqué Acting Scene In Japanese Drama
She certainly grew up!
Police Release Statement Amid Rumors Implicating IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon In Drug Scandal
“We are informing you from the Incheon Police Drug Investigation Department…”
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