VIXX’s Hyuk Announces Military Enlistment Date With Letter To Fans
He’s the last member to enlist.
VIXX’s Leo And Ken Officially Leave Jellyfish Entertainment, Fans React With Excitement
They were the last remaining members with the label.
Netizens Turn Up Their Noses At VIXX N’s Claim To “Thirst For The Stage”
“I always have a thirst for the stage.”
VIXX’s N Gets Slammed Again For The “Bad Timing” of His Interview
Some fans are blaming the member for “raining on VIXX’s parade.”
Kim Jaejoong’s Friends Have To Pass Two “Tests” Before Being Invited Over
“I invite them based on two things…” 😂
VIXX Members’ Thoughts On Losing Half The Group Ahead Of Comeback
“Situations that are regrettable and unavoidably challenging…”
VIXX’s Leo Clears Up Controversy Regarding Fan Sign Video Circling Online As A Meme
What a sweetheart.
The Concept Kings Are Back: VIXX Set To Have First Full-Group Comeback In Five Years
It’s been a long time coming!
Jellyfish Entertainment Announces Ravi Has Withdrawn From VIXX
Ravi is currently under police investigation.
VIXX’s Ken To Hold Solo Fan Meeting To Celebrate His Birthday
He will make special memories with fans.
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