Ravi Drops Coming Soon Image For New Single “BLOCK PARTY”
He is making a speedy comeback.
VIXX’s Hyuk To Drop “Stay For Me” Featuring Seo In Guk
This is a new start to his solo career.
Ravi To Return With Fifth EP Album “LOVE&HOLIDAY”
A true all-rounder artist!
VIXX Leo’s Attitude Towards Dating And Break-Ups Surprises Jung Hyung Don
Totally relatable though.
VIXX’s Ravi To Drop New Single Album “BYE”
He also hinted that there would be another artist featuring on the single!
VIXX’s Leo Drops Shocking Concept Photos For “Piano Man Op.9”
He’s giving off sexy vampire vibes.
VIXX’s Leo Hints At Comeback With A Coming Soon Teaser Video
This is exciting news for fans!
VIXX’s Hyuk Announces Departure From Jellyfish Entertainment
The announcement comes shortly after the group’s tenth anniversary.
VIXX’s N Releases Stunning Mashup Dance Video To Celebrate The Group’s Tenth Anniversary
Everything N does is so beautiful.
VIXX’s Ravi To Leave The Cast Of “1 Night 2 Days” After 2 Years And 4 Months
He will be missed!