Who Is Aaron Yan’s Accuser Yao Le? The Brave #MeToo Survivor Who Won’t Be Silenced

The content creator has been working since he was a teenager.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Just a few days ago, Taiwanese singer and actor Aaron Yan was accused of rape and inappropriate behavior by his ex-boyfriend, who was 16 years old at the time.

Aaron Yan

On June 20, content creator Yao Le shared a post on Instagram detailing the alleged relationship with Yan, beginning when he was just 16.

Yao Le | @tnps96073/Instagram

According to Yao Le, throughout their relationship, he was subjected to nonconsensual filming of their intimate moments, and alleged that Yan raped him on more than one occasion.

After the post, Yao Le held a press conference to explain his situation and was unexpectedly forced to face Yan, who appeared unannounced.

Yao Le stood his ground and told his story, hoping Yan faced the consequences of his actions.

But who is Yao Le?

The content creator began his career in 2018 under the name Ming Yang when he was a second-year student at Nan Chiang Industrial & Commercial High School, studying performing arts.

| @tnps96073/Instagram

He quickly gained popularity, amassing around 300,000 followers on Douyin (TikTok in China). Due to his popularity, he held a fan meeting with fans in July 2018 and was popular enough to earn advertising opportunities.

He even once appeared on a variety TV program, performing a short dance.

As stated in his post, the sex tape leak led him to stop attending school and take a break from posting online content. A month later, he returned and began using his real name, Yao Le, instead.

Since then, he has continued working as an influencer and has over 85 thousand followers on Instagram and 380 thousand on TikTok.


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Since his press conference, Yao Le has not released anymore statements.

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