Aaron Yan’s #MeToo Accuser Yao Le Exposes Details Of Rape And Illegal Filming Of A Minor During Their Relationship

He claims their relationship began just after he turned 16 years old.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Yesterday, a content creator named Yao Le dropped a shocking #MeToo revelation about Taiwanese singer-and-actor Aaron Yan, accusing him of raping him when he was underage.

Aaron Yan accuser Yao Le | @tnps96073/Instagram
Aaron Yan

Aaron Yan released a statement via Facebook, apologizing to Yao Le and offering his assistance to help him through the pain of their dating experience. The celebrity then appeared — unannounced —at Yao Le’s press conference, denying allegations of nonconsensual behavior.

Following Yan’s appearance, Yao Le exposed more information about the relationship between the two, detailing his rape and the illegal filming he alleges.

According to Yao Le’s allegations, the first time he was raped was in 2018.

The first time he had sex with me against my wishes was in 2018, in Hengdian, where he had a filming project. He woke up earlier than me in order to get ready for filming. But on that day, he woke up earlier and didn’t get ready for his work.

Instead, he turned and lifted up my blanket, and put his genitals inside my body. I was so helpless and scared, and woke up from the shock. I firmly told him not to do it. However, due to the difference in our body size and power, what actually happened, happened. I thought this was normal for relationships between adults who have turned 18, and I just didn’t understand it because I was still young, so I kept trying to convince myself and rationalize what happened.

I was in Hengdian by myself and didn’t know anyone else, so I couldn’t escape the situation.”

— Yao Le

Yao Le in 2018. | @tnps96073/Instagram

He then details Yan recording their sexual activities without his permission. Yao Le denies Yan’s claims that he held an investigation after the video was leaked and reiterates that filming a private video involving a minor is illegal.

In terms of secretly filming us having sex, I remember the first time happened at his home, on his bed. The lights were off. I remember he took out his phone to record, and I firmly told him not to do that. He only put his phone away after everything happened.

We even made a pinky promise, because at that time, I thought pinky promises have to be kept. I said, ‘You really can’t do something like this in the future. I really hate it.’ He said he was willing to do that for me. But when did this lie unravel? In September 2018, right before mid-autumn festival, I received many messages from different netizens, saying our private video was circulating. I felt helpless and didn’t know what to do. First of all, I didn’t know where the video came from.

Although I had already broken up with him at the time, he was the only person I had sex with. So I messaged him and asked if it was him, when he took the video in secretly, and why it got leaked to the internet. But at that time, he chose to tell me he didn’t know how this happened. He didn’t know how the phone video got leaked. He just said the information might have been stole when he took his phone in for a repair.

But I still can’t accept what happened even now, 5 years later. I still think he was just brushing me off with that reason. He was escaping from his responsibilities. As for his post yesterday, saying he conducted an investigation, I want to ask, what did you actually investigate? What did you find out? Or did you film and leak the video? No matter what, filming a private video involving a minor is illegal. Please respond to this. Stop trying to mislead the public. Thank you.”

— Yao Le 

Finally, he addresses Yan’s claims of the relationship being “fully consensual,” saying that he shared previous conversations with Yan on Instagram in 2018 to prove his innocence. Yao Le says that Yan’s claims are “nonsense” and that he was raped.

If you paid attention to what happened with the video leak back in 2018, you’ll know that I screencapped our conversations and posted them on my Instagram. I was young back then and didn’t know how to handle the situation, so I did this in order to prove my innocence. I told him I only had sex with him and I never gave him permission to film.

There’s proof of this on my phone, and probably on his phone as well. So what he said about “not having forced me to do anything,” it’s nonsense. It happened. No matter what, even when you’re dating, everyone has their own rights when it comes to sex. You don’t have to have sex just because your partner wants it.”

— Yao Le

Yan has made no further statements after his appearance at the press conference.

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