Famous Singer Claps Back At Netizens After Being Accused Of Lying About Connection With Taylor Swift

He had a cool response.

A famous singer From Taiwan, Jay Chou, had something to say to doubtful netizens.

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Jay Chou | @jaychou/Instagram

Last weekend, both he and his wife Hannah Quinlivan attended Taylor Swift‘s The Eras Tour concert in Melbourne, Australia. They shared images from the event on their Instagram pages, showing their premium experience to thousands of fans.

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One of these made by the singer created a buzz on Weibo, China’s top social media platform. It was when he revealed that he was directly invited by Taylor Swift’s team to attend the sold-out concert.

I’m here to observe. Thank you to Taylor Swift’s team for providing such a great spot. The sound control is also excellent. This time, I’m here listening to someone else’s concert, it feels very special.

 Jay Chou

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This irked some netizens who pointed out that his view was different from the view of celebrities who were also invited to the concert. Unlike Taylor’s own team and other notable faces, Jay was seated in an area labelled “public relations, sponsors, self-purchased seats” and not in a tent. Others also guessed that he had attended the concert using publicly bought tickets instead.

  • Why are you sitting on a small stool next to the sound control booth? Others are invited to private boxes.
  • Getting tickets from the PR and trying to pretend [he was] invited by Taylor Swift.
  • Actually there’s nothing wrong with chasing stars.
  • Public tickets can also be expensive
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The tent where Taylor Swift’s team and guests stayed vs. the location where Jay Chou watched the concert

The Mandopop singer did not rise to the bait of these netizens and instead stuck to his story. Though he was not placed in the same tent as other celebrities, it did not discredit the fact that the team of the American pop star reached out to him.

He brushed off the hate, saying there was “no problem.”

I only see what I want to see. No problem.

— Jay Chou

Hannah even later posted a series of photos from the concert on Instagram, revealing that she had met Scott Swift, Taylor’s father, who even gave her a guitar pick.

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Hannah | @hannah_quinlivan/Instagram
| @hannah_quinlivan/Instagram
Source: 8 Days and Dimsum Daily
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