Popular Filipino Actor Faces Criticism For “Mocking Koreans” At A Korean Award Show

Feelings are mixed on his intentions.

Filipino actor Daniel Padilla is facing mixed reactions and criticism for his recent speech at an award show.

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On December 14, the 2023 Asia Artist Awards took place in the Philippines and hosted many Filipino entertainers, K-Pop idols, and other Asian celebrities.

Actor and entertainer Daniel Padilla, who has appeared in projects like The Hows Of Us, the highest-grossing Filipino film at the time, also attended the event. The star was among two honored with the “Fabulous Award (Television/Film)” during the show.

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However, a moment during his speech has led to accusations of “mocking” Koreans.

Daniel began his acceptance speech in Tagalog before saying “annyeong” and laughing off the mic. The speech was short, and Daniel thanked the awards program before stepping away.

Some netizens found his usage of the informal Korean greeting to be “mocking,” especially with how he laughed afterward.  Others felt he could have researched before the show to use the correct greeting.

On the other hand, others viewed the moment very differently, saying he was probably nervous and did not mean disrespect.

In addition, those defending Daniel also believe his personal life may have made others hypercritical of the star.

Daniel accepted his award on stage alongside actress Kathryn Bernardo, with whom he was in a relationship from 2012 until they announced their break-up on November 30.

Filipino Stars Kathryn Bernardo And Daniel Padilla’s Post-Break-Up Interactions At The “2023 Asia Artist Awards” Set The Internet On Fire

Widespread rumors have accused Daniel of cheating, leading to negative feelings towards the actor. At the 2023 AAAs Daniel was reportedly boo-ed, and a photo of him was graffitied.

Netizens cited this as reasoning for the uncalled-for hate surrounding his acceptance speech.

Daniel Padilla has not responded to the criticism surrounding his speech.