Idol Group Rents Entire Disneyland Park For A 9.5-Hour Fanmeeting

The fanmeeting is going to be magical.

An idol group has booked an entire Disneyland for a fanmeeting celebrating their debut anniversary!

Hong Kong idol group MIRROR | @mirror.weare/Instagram

Hong Kong’s top male idol group, MIRROR, debuted on November 3, 2018. They will be holding a fanmeeting, MIRROR 5th Anniversary Fantastic Meet, on November 1 to celebrate the occasion with fans.

“MIRROR 5th Anniversary Fantastic Meet” fanmeeting poster | @mirror.weare/Instagram

While it’s common for idols to hold different events to celebrate their debut anniversary, the details of this particular fanmeeting shocked many netizens.

The fanmeeting will be held at the Hong Kong Disneyland. In particular, MIRROR’s official fan club has booked the entire venue for the event. Only those with a ticket for the fanmeeting can enter the Disneyland park that day.

The group also revealed some of the things that fans can enjoy at the fanmeeting – a parade party, a mini-concert at the Castle of Magical Dreams, and more. Fans even have a shot at going on rides with the MIRROR members!

The fanmeeting will be held across the entire Disneyland park | @miro.weallare/Instagram

The fanmeeting will run from 10:30am to 8pm local time, making it a 9.5-hour event. Despite the long duration of the event, the ticket price is only $1,680 HKD (about $215 USD), which is on par with ticket prices for many regular 3-hour events. Only MIRROR’s official fan club members can purchase tickets, up to two per person, for the fanmeeting.

MIRROR members Edan Lui (left), Anson Lo (middle), and Ian Chan (right) at the Hong Kong Disneyland | @edanlui/Instagram

According to the fanmeeting announcement, this is just one of many events they have prepared for the group’s debut anniversary, and fans are eagerly waiting to see what else they have in store!