Meet The Thai Beauty Queen Who Went From “Nerd” To Bikini Model Overnight

It was a quick transformation.

Chalita Suansane is the winner of Miss Universe Thailand 2016, a beauty contest that gathers the most stunning ladies in the entire country.

She gained attention worldwide for her jaw-dropping transformation over a short period of time. In just six months, she went from a “nerdy” school girl to a beauty queen who won the biggest pageant in the country.



Chalita, then a 22-year old microbiology student, had no intention of joining the contest in the first place. Her sister, however, sent an application on her behalf.

I never thought I would ever be a model. My sister just joked that we should send in my resume for the Miss Thailand competition.

Chalita Suansane


Though she kept herself lowkey over this period of time, her beauty was still evident, albeit hidden behind her glasses, braces, and minimal-to-absent makeup.


Still, the pageant judges were immediately able to recognize her beauty. They were stunned by her long legs and innocent-looking face, accepting her application and putting her through a six-month makeover transformation.


She went from a “nerdy” student to a bikini-clad show stopper. It was a huge change for her but one that she enjoyed.

My mother has never allowed me to have a boyfriend. I’ll have one when I’m ready, when I finish studying and I meet someone right. I will have a boyfriend but right now I work every day. My date is always with my school work.

The last six months have been amazing. It’s been an incredible journey.

Chalita Suansane


Chalita came in sixth place in the Miss Universe 2016 contest which was held in the Philippines where she won the fan vote. She gained a legion of supporters who loved her down-to-earth personality, saying she is beautiful both inside and out.


After the pageant, Chalita’s mother turned down full time modeling jobs for her to ensure that she focused on her studies. Despite this, she eventually finished school and ventured into acting and modeling. She has starred in films such as Preng Lap Lae (2019), Asorapit (2020) and Tawan Tok Din (2021).


Source: Daily Mail

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