MIRROR’s Edan, Alton, And Stanley Talk About Their Upcoming Drama “I SWIM” And Group Concert

Fans have been looking forward to both!

The cast and crew of Hong Kong’s upcoming drama I SWIM recently attended a press conference ahead of the first episode, scheduled to air starting next week on July 11.

Cast of “I SWIM”

The drama depicts the story of swimming prodigy L.C. Yu, played by Jeffrey Ngai, who transfers to a new school and joins four other high school students in forming a relay swimming team.

The story focuses on the teammates’ interactions, not only with each other but also with their teacher and competitors.

Sofiee Ng, who plays the role of Teacher Yung in “I SWIM”

The drama features some of the hottest young stars in Hong Kong. In particular, three members of popular boy group MIRROR — Edan, Alton, and Stanley — play a part in the drama.

MIRROR’s Alton, Edan, Stanley

Edan, well-known for his great sense of humor, drew laughter with his answer to the question of which member’s swimming skills have improved the most from filming.

I believe everyone’s swimming skills have improved after all of our training. I can honestly say Stanley and I had the most significant improvement — because we were so bad at it to begin with.

— MIRROR’s Edan


Stanley agreed and revealed that, despite already training for three days a week with everyone before filming, he and Edan did an additional training session of 4 – 5 hours per week.

MIRROR’s Stanley

Aside from the drama, the members of MIRROR have also been busy preparing for their upcoming concert.

Just before coming here today, we didn’t get to go home until 2 – 3AM, and it was 4AM by the time we got home and showered. When it comes to practicing, we have both group and solo performances, so we have to go to different places [to practice], which is tiring.

— MIRROR’s Alton

MIRROR’s Alton

Edan was also brutally honest about the status of their preparations for the concert.

There are only 20 days left, so time is tight. Our progress is not looking good as of now because there’s too much to go through. Also, we hadn’t gotten together as a whole until recently. Having the entire group together is very important because we will be putting on a lot of group performances. Without the whole group, we would have to re-practice everything again and again, but we can now finally practice the group performances with the 12 of us.

— MIRROR’s Edan

Despite their current progress, they are confident they will be ready to put on some fantastic shows for their fans at the Hong Kong Coliseum on July 25 – 31 and August 2 – 6! All 12 shows sold out on the day tickets went on sale, proving the unbeatable popularity of the group.