Hong Kong Boy Group MIRROR Speaks On Their True Feelings Following Near-Fatal Accident At Their Concert

They admit they’re not emotionally ready yet.

Some members of Hong Kong’s top boy group MIRROR have finally made their first official public appearance, three months after a near-fatal accident that left multiple dancers with serious injuries.

MIRROR’s Stanley, Keung To, Ian and Edan | Koreaboo

In July 2022, a giant LED screen fell during day 4 of MIRROR’s 12-day MIRROR WE ARE Live Concert. Among the injured, one dancer, Mo, is currently paralyzed with no certainty as to whether he will ever fully recover.


Following the tragic accident, MIRROR canceled all of their remaining shows and eventually announced a hiatus for August and September. Their agency MakerVille stated, “The members all need time and space to adjust and sort out their emotions.”

MIRROR concert after the accident | AP News

During this period of hiatus, the members were rarely seen in public and only made occasional posts on their Instagram accounts, a stark contrast to their daily appearances and frequent updates before the incident.

I received a lot of caring messages in the past few days. Thank you, everyone, and don’t worry, I’m fine. I just hope the injured will make a quick recovery. I just want them to be okay.

God, please help us.

— MIRROR’s Edan

Edan | MakerVille

On October 22, MIRROR’s Edan, Ian, Keung To, and Stanley attended a press conference to promote their upcoming basketball drama, We Got Game. They’re the first members to make an official public appearance since the accident.

ERROR’s Fatboy and 193, MIRROR’s Keung To, Edan, Stanley and Ian (left to right) | Koreaboo

The drama was initially scheduled to air back in August. However, following the accident, most of the group’s projects were postponed, and this drama was no exception.

Cast of “We Got Game” | Koreaboo

At the press conference, after the cast briefly introduced the drama and their respective roles, they played a friendly basketball match much to the delight of fans, who were happy to finally see the members back in action!

Cast of “We Got Game” | Koreaboo

The cast then gave interviews to wrap up the event. Although We Got Game is a highly anticipated drama, all eyes focused on how the MIRROR members felt after the accident at their concert.

Stanley and Ian | Koreaboo

Edan was on stage performing during the accident. Fortunately, he was not injured, but fans were most worried about him and fellow member Anson Lo, who was also on stage at the time.

I’m sure all of the performers and audience that day had a lot of thoughts running through their mind. After all, it was a very shocking incident. I took some time to digest and reflect on what happened.

– MIRROR’s Edan

Edan (blue) and Anson Lo (pink), with Mo standing behind Anson Lo | MakerVille

A few days prior, Stanley expressed on his Instagram the anger, guilt, pain, and all the negative emotions he felt following the incident. He further explained the situation at this press conference.

After the accident, our agency worried about our mental well-being, so they got specialists to evaluate us. The feelings I expressed on Instagram are true, and the doctor said it’s normal to have them. If you ask whether I’m 100% fine right now, the answer is no. I need some time to move forward slowly.

– MIRROR’s Stanley

Stanley | Koreaboo

Ian was originally scheduled to star in his first movie but regrettably withdrew from the filming due to this accident.

The decision to withdraw was made in August. The production company was great and understanding, as they offered to wait until October to see if I’d be ready. But I didn’t want to make everyone wait for me, and, at that time, I wasn’t sure if I’d be prepared by October.

Am I emotionally ready now? Of course not. But my feelings aren’t my priority. Instead, I want to see if anyone around me needs any assistance and figure out what I can do to help.

– MIRROR’s Ian

Ian | Koreaboo

Keung To took time to relax with a family trip to Europe and arrived back in Hong Kong only a couple of days  before the press conference.

During the trip, I opened up to my family about my feelings since my debut. I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to do so previously. We didn’t really talk about the accident because we knew we would feel sad if we were to bring it up. I just wanted to take my elderly family members around and make them happy.

– MIRROR’s Keung To

Keung To | Koreaboo

Despite being only performers and having nothing to do with the LED screen that fell, MIRROR members were heavily criticized by netizens for the accident itself and for every move they made afterward.

I hope there will be less hate online. You might have a lot to say, but I hope everyone gives more energy to and be more considerate towards the dancers. No one can understand how they’re feeling. We’re all in this together. If you don’t like us, you don’t have to watch or read about us, but we need more of everyone’s support during this time.

– MIRROR’s Keung To

MIRROR | Koreaboo

Edan was direct when it came to his feelings about haters.

There have always been many cold or offensive online comments from those who don’t like us. We’re used to it and just ignore them. Perhaps it’s because people in Hong Kong tend to be harsh or mean, but this world and society need more love. Not everyone can handle it – a few simple words online can significantly impact someone. Put yourself in others’ shoes.

– MIRROR’s Edan

Edan | Koreaboo

It’s been a tough time for everyone affected by the accident, but MIRROR is expected to persevere and slowly get back to actively promoting their work. We Got Game will air starting from Monday, October 24 on local TV station ViuTV.