NCT’s Jaehyun And Actor Song Kang Have The Cutest Interactions With “F4 Thailand” Actor Win Metawin At Recent Prada Event

It was too much handsomeness for one event!

Fashion brand Prada recently had their Prada SS23 event at this year’s Milan Fashion Week. From the very beginning of the event, it was definitely full of A-Listers, and two Korean celebrities that definitely stole the show were NCT‘s Jaehyun

NCT’s Jaehyung | @nct/Instagram

And actor Song Kang. With their visuals, the duo quickly dominated the headlines with their handsomeness.

NCT’s Jaehyung (left) and Song Kang (right) | Men’s Uno

Well, it wasn’t just their visuals that sent the internet into meltdown.

Alongside a plethora of famous A-Listers, one stood out the most and it was with F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers actor “Win” Metawin Opas-iamkajorn. The actor has already captured the hearts of netizens and even has over 13 million followers on Instagram.

Thai actor “Win” Metawin Opas-iamkajorn. | @winmetawin/Instagram

On the actor’s Instagram, he posted some handsome AF photos with both Jaehyun and Song Kang, with the caption, “Surrounded by amazing people.” Honestly, with so many handsome men in one shot, it isn’t surprising that the comments were flooded with comments from netizens worldwide.

| @winmetawin/Instagram
| @winmetawin/Instagram
| @winmetawin/Instagram

If that wasn’t cute enough, the interactions between the three celebrities were caught on camera, and it’s fair to say it’s the sweetest thing ever.

At what seemed to be the start of the event, Win Metawin is introduced to Song Kang by Jaehyun. The three immediately have this visual chemistry and it isn’t surprising that a photographer needed a photo of the three of them ASAP.

| @myyouthjh/Twitter
| @myyouthjh/Twitter   

Even without social butterfly Jaehyun, Song Kang seemed perfectly comfortable with the Thai actor and not only did they have a chat and take a selfie…

| @salaleyoo__/Twitter

But the two couldn’t stop complimenting each other, whether it was Win Metawin explaining that he’d watched Song Kang’s K-Dramas or the Korean actor saying how much he loves Thailand and that he knows all about Win.

| @salaleyoo__/Twitter 

If that wasn’t enough, after the event, a picture of Jaehyun and Metawin was shared on social media. It showed that the duo had gone out for dinner with some of the other people attending the event.

| @winmetawin/Instagram

When the images and videos were released, the internet unsurprisingly went into meltdown. For many, it was three different worlds coming together at one event.

Despite the possible language barriers, the three men’s personalities seemed to shine as they found similarities and ways to communicate.

| @theseoulstory/Twitter

Considering how well-known all three men are, it isn’t surprising to see that they managed to send the global internet into meltdown. Hopefully, it isn’t the first and last time the trio interacts because it was a truly iconic moment.

You can read more from the event below.

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Source: @winmetawin/Instagram

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