Singer Directly Confronts His Sasaeng “Fan” During A Concert

He posted a stern warning on Instagram, too.

A singer confronted his sasaeng “fan” after spotting her in the audience during a concert. A sasaeng is someone who invades the privacy of a celebrity they like. Due to their inappropriate actions, regular fans usually do not consider sasaengs to be actual fans.

Sodagreen 3
Sodagreen’s vocalist Wu Qing Feng | @imqingfeng/Instagram

The singer who confronted the sasaeng is Wu Qing Feng, the vocalist of veteran band Sodagreen (also known as Oaeen), which debuted in Taiwan as an indie band in the early 2000s. Over the years, the band has become one of the most popular bands in the history of Mandarin music, selling out concert after concert.

Sodagreen 4
Sodagreen | @sodagreen_aka_oaeen/Instagram

On March 22 to 24, Sodagreen brought their 20th-anniversary concert tour to the city of Hong Kong. It was during one of the shows that this incident occurred.

Sodagreen 1
Poster for Sodagreen’s concert in Hong Kong | @20thSG.Tour/Facebook

Towards the end of the last show, Wu Qing Feng revealed he saw his sasaeng in the audience and said, “I didn’t want to go near that spot today.” He also exposed what the sasaeng had done to him and gave them a warning.

This person not only stalked me but also sent inappropriate photos to me. I’m warning you, don’t ever come again. I will call the police and sue you for harassment! Don’t come again. I have proof. Don’t think nothing will happen to you just because you’re covering your face. When I see your face, I can’t sing anymore.

– Wu Qing Feng

After the show, he warned the sasaeng once again via Instagram.

Sodagreen 2
Screenshot of Wu Qing Feng’s Instagram story | Sina Entertainment News

“I’m warning the woman from Hong Kong who always has LED signs with her. This time, you followed me from Taipei to Taitung and then back to Taipei again. You kept tailing me, tried to follow my vehicle, and wanted to follow me home. These are not only inappropriate actions but also actions I loathe. This was not the only time these things have happened.

In addition, in the past several years, you sent me many inappropriate private messages, comments, photos, and videos. They were all sexual and amounted to harassment. The staff all knew they were from you and saved them as evidence.

Please stop coming to the shows. Honestly, I felt very uncomfortable whenever I saw you at a show and thought of all the scary things you’ve done all these years.”

– Wu Qing Feng

Whether the sasaeng will bear any legal responsibilities for her actions remains to be seen.

Source: Ettoday
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