Alleged Stalker Fan In Her 30s Accused Of Grooming Underaged Idol As Dating Evidence Surfaces

He is a member of one of Johnny and Associates’s trainee groups.

An alleged stalker fan is being accused of grooming Japanese idol Issei Kanasashi following evidence of the two being romantically involved surfacing.

Issei Kanasashi

Issei Kanasashi, born on February 9, 2004, is a member of Bi Shonen, a unit of Johnny’s Jr. Johnny’s Jr members are trainees under Johnny & Associates, one of Japan’s most recognized talent agencies.

Bi Shounen | Johnny And Associates

On August 11, an anonymous Twitter user shared several photos taken of Kanasashi while he was sleeping, alleging they were posted by an accused stalker fan on her private Instagram story.

Other images shared Kanasashi and the fan wearing the same spa uniform, with Kanasashi walking toward her in the second shot.

The reported stalker fan also shared screenshots of alleged messages between the two and an audio recording of the two talking together.

The alleged stalker fan reportedly began interacting with Issei when he was 16, and she was 28, leading to accusations of grooming. Photos shared on her social media show that she has been attending the star’s events since at least July 2021, when he was 17.

Kanasashi’s label, Johnny and Associates, has recently come under fire after allegations made toward the label’s late former accused him of sexually assaulting idols.

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