The Full Story: Loyal Thai Woman Marries Her Lover Even After His Death

Her message was heartbreaking.

A Thai woman was so loyal to her beloved that she promised herself to him even after his death.

The couple, hailing from the Chachoengsao province in central Thailand, had their lives set out before them when tragedy hit. Nan Thippharat was devastated beyond words when her boyfriend, Fiat, died of a heart attack despite showing no prior symptoms.

Nan in a wedding dress at Fiat’s funeral | Irish Mirror

The two were already making plans to get married, and this did not change even with Fiat’s death. Nan posted a video which showed herself decked in a wedding dress and veil to his funeral. She knelt down beside him and held his hand while others paid their respects.

This “wedding ceremony” was unsurprisingly not recognized under local law. Still, Nan did not regret her decision as she believed it was necessary to honor her beloved in this way.

I loved him with all my heart and I couldn’t bear it when he was taken from me. He looked splendid on his wedding day – I know he would have liked it. It was my way of paying tribute to him in this life because I know one day we will be together for eternity in the next one.

— Nan

| Irish Mirror
She shared her heartbreaking goodbyes online, saying that she always envisioned their wedding day happening in a happier way.

I dreamed of our wedding. I saw us holding hands. Rest in peace. I love you, Fiat.

— Nan

Finally, even if she were the only part of the pair still alive to witness it, this dream became a reality.

Please know that our dream has come true.

— Nan

| Irish Mirror
Source: Irish Mirror

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