Here Are The Winners Of The “Chill Club Chart Awards,” One Of The Biggest Music Award Shows In Hong Kong

What a night!

Chill Club is a weekly music show aired on Hong Kong’s TV station ViuTV. Despite being relatively new with only three years of history, its annual award show Chill Club Chart Award Presentation has quickly become one of the most anticipated events in Hong Kong.

Poster for “Chill Club Chart Award Presentation 22/23” | ViuTV

The award show features 16 different categories, with the majority of them being handed out based on viewers’ votes. Let’s take a look at this year’s winners!

Hosts of “Chill Club Chart Award Presentation 22/23” | ViuTV

Best R&B Song

– Jay Fung “Sweeetly” (53.6% of total votes)

Best Pop Song

MIRROR‘s Anson Lo “39 Wing Shun Street” (65.8% of total votes)

Best Rock Song

Dear Jane “What Happened” (78.1% of total votes)

Best Alternative Song

MC Cheung “Caution Wet Floor” (38.4% of total votes)

Genre of the Year

The winner for this category was selected by a panel of 12 experts, out of the four winning songs above.

MC Cheung “Caution Wet Floor” (7 out of 12 votes)

MC Cheung (left) with two awards. Posing with labelmates Panther Chan (middle) and Kaho Hung (right) | Koreaboo

Best New Singer (Female)

– Gold: COLLAR (45.6% of total votes)

– Silver: Cloud Wan

– Bronze: kayan9896

COLLAR | Koreaboo

Best New Singer (Male)

– Gold: MIRROR‘s Jeremy (50.7% of total votes)

– Silver: ERROR‘s Poki

– Bronze: P1X3L‘s Phoebus

MIRROR’s Jeremy | ViuTV

Production Awards

The four production categories were awarded based on the number of songs ranked as #1 on Chill Club‘s weekly chart in the past year.

– Best Composer: Terry Chui

– Best Arranger: Ariel Lai and Nick Wong

– Best Producer: T-ma and Carl Wong

– Best Lyricist: Wyman Wong

Thor Lok (right), a host of “Chill Club”, flew to London to present Wyman Wong (left) with his award | ViuTV

Best Singer-Songwriter

– Gold: Terence Lam (61.1% of total votes)

– Silver: MIRROR‘s Ian

– Bronze: Jay Fung

Terence Lam | ViuTV

Best Band

– Gold: Dear Jane (74.2% of total votes)

– Silver: RubberBand

– Bronze: ToNick

Dear Jane | ViuTV

Best Group

– Gold: MIRROR (80.3% of total votes)

– Silver: ERROR

– Bronze: COLLAR

MIRROR | Koreaboo

Best Singer (Female)

– Gold: Joyce Cheng (49.1% of total votes)

– Silver: Panther Chan

– Bronze: Serrini

Serrini | ViuTV

Best Singer (Male)

– Gold: MIRROR‘s Anson Lo (65.4% of total votes)

– Silver: MIRROR‘s Keung To

– Bronze: MIRROR‘s Ian

MIRROR’s Keung To (left), Anson Lo (middle), Ian (right) | ViuTV

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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