Here’s what color each TWICE member would be, based on their personality

If the TWICE members’ personalities can be expressed in terms of color, they would be represented by these shades.

1 Sana – Pantone Yellow (7406 C)

Sana‘s refreshing and vibrant personality is basically the yellow vibes of Spring.


2 Dahyun – Pantone Green (2287 C)

Baby-faced Dahyun can be both cute and lovely like the color green.


3 Nayeon – Pantone Blue (659 C)

Nayeon‘s pure elegance reminds us of the Summer time blue.


4 Momo – Pantone Pink (708 C)

Momo exudes natural loveliness like baby pink.


5 Chaeyoung – Pantone Pink (212 C)

Chaeyoung‘s contrasting personalities are beautifully fierce like fuschia pink.


6 Jihyo – Pantone Brown (P 15-16 C)

Leader Jihyo‘s stable personality best fits the warm brown of Autumn.


7 Jeongyeon – Pantone Blue (2736 C)

Jeongyeon‘s easy-going personality and boyish manner are a bold blue.


8 Tzuyu x Pantone Purple (2082 CP)

Tzuyu‘s chic doll-like features closely resembles the purple Winter.


9 Mina – Pantone Red (200 XGC)

Lastly, Mina‘s cool exterior, yet warm interior, are the fundamentals of being wine red.

Source:  Chic News

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