Meet The Cool People

Meet The Cool People

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Members Of “Girl Planet 999″‘s Girl Group: Kep1er

They are going to be the next big thing!

Meet Aiki, The “Street Woman Fighter” Who Choreographed BTS’s Latest Dance Challenge

No wonder the dance is so catchy!

Meet LUNA, The New K-Pop Group That…Doesn’t Exist?

Prepare to stan!

Meet Han So Hee, The Badass Female Lead In “My Name” And Your Latest Girl Crush

She is showcasing her diversity as an actress!

Meet Wet Boy: The Viral Comedy Artist Who Danced On “Street Woman Fighter”

He’s close with some of K-Pop’s biggest names!

Meet Chang Ryul: The Actor Who Plays Do Gang Jae AKA The Guy You Love To Hate In “My Name”

He stole the show in “My Name!”

Meet Bam: Jungkook’s Adorable Dog And The Newest Star Of “In The SOOP”

He is the newest member of BTS’s family!

Here Are 5+ TikTokers You Might Not Have Realized Are Related To K-Pop Idols

Did you know these TikTokers?

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s Sister Hannah Doesn’t Plan To Become An Idol But Is Making A Name For Herself In Her Own Way

We have no choice but to stan Hannah Bahng. 💁‍♀️

Meet The Newest Member Of Upcoming JYP Entertainment Girl Group JYPn: BAE

Her talent is crazy!