Are “VerLaw” Days Long Gone? VERIVERY Members Don’t Need The House Rules Anymore

Is the Enactment of VerLaw (VERIVERY’s Law) over?

Living with a bunch of people can result in lots of drama. So, for VERIVERY, they quickly found a solution, resulting in peaceful dorm life.

From left: VERIVERY’s Yongseung, Kangmin, Minchan, Yeonho, Dongheon, Hoyoung, and Gyehyeon. | Jellyfish Entertainment

VERRERs (VERIVERY’s fandom) are familiar with “The Enactment of VerLaw” (VERIVERY’s Law). It is a constitution enforced by the members. Essentially, it’s just house rules that result in a mild punishment if broken.

In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, VERIVERY explained why the laws are not necessary anymore. We asked them about their dorm life:

How has it been living together for the past several years? Have you added any new articles to the ‘VERIVERY Laws’ recently?

— Koreaboo

Leader Dongheon explained that technically VERIVERY’s Laws are done with. Since the members have lived together for a while now, they can cohabitate free of drama, making it unnecessary to enforce.

We actually stopped the whole ‘law’ and ‘penalty’ thing. But we’ve lived together long enough that we know how to live together peacefully without saying.

— Dongheon

Dongheon | Jellyfish Entertainment

Both Yongseung and Kangmin agreed. Since the group doesn’t need the laws anymore, nothing has even been added recently.

Yongseung: Living together, we have a lot of fun things happen. These days, we don’t even really need the VERIVERY laws anymore. So nothing new has been added.

Kangmin: We don’t use the VERIVERY laws anymore, so no new articles have been added.

Yongseung | Jellyfish Entertainment
Kangmin | Jellyfish Entertainment

Everyone gets along so well now. Hoyoung added that personally, he believes he has the best roommate. He is comfortable sharing space with Yeonho, especially because there’s mutual respect.

Yeonho is still my roommate and, I have to say, I think he’s the best roommate anyone could ever have. We’re super comfortable around each other. At the same time, we completely respect each other[‘s boundaries].

— Hoyoung

Hoyoung | Jellyfish Entertainment

The feeling is certainly mutual. Yeonho agreed, saying, “Hoyoung is the best roommate for me.”

Yeonho also further explained that technically the VERIVERY laws have not changed. And, because everyone is so conscientious, it’s not as enforced!

The VERIVERY laws have not changed. We’ve been considerate of each other over the years that we’ve lived together. So we’re good together…

— Yeonho

Yeonho | Jellyfish Entertainment

Of course, everyone is biased towards their own roommate. So, while Yeonho and Hoyoung are convinced that each other is the “best,” Gyehyeon feels differently. He thinks of Kangmin, Minchan, and Yongseung as truly like family.

I feel like we’re becoming more like family… And I think my current roommates—Kangmin, Minchan, and Yongseung—are the best.

— Gyehyeon

Gyehyeon | Jellyfish Entertainment

Life seems good in the VERIVERY dorms! Yet, Minchan has started imagining what it would be like in a home all of his own.

I know I’m not going to be able to keep it clean for too long… but sometimes, I want to have my own room because I would like to try decorating my own space to my preference!

— Minchan

Minchan | Jellyfish Entertainment

It’s no wonder that the group has such great chemistry and works together so well!

Recently, VERIVERY made their comeback with “O.” You can see their authentic relationship in a behind-the-scenes video of their new MV below:

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