Then And Now: What Is Next For KARD?

They now have freedom more than ever.

KARD reflected on their past, present, and future in an exclusive interview with Koreaboo.

From left: J.Seph, Somin, Jiwoo, and BM of KARD. | Koreaboo via Tiffotography

The co-ed group made their official debut on July 19, 2017, with the EP Hola Hola.

This summer, KARD made their comeback in two years with mini album Re: and title track “Ring The Alarm.”

Looking back on the past five years, a lot has happened. Everyone evolves over time, and Jiwoo sees how past experiences have changed them for the better.

There is a sense of maturity now. We saw improvements from all the experiences we had over the years.

— Jiwoo

| Koreaboo via Tiffotography

J.Seph feels newfound freedom with KARD now that he has completed his mandatory enlistment. Every male must serve for about 1.5 years in South Korea, including celebrities, by the time they reach 28 years old.

Before, I wasn’t done with my mandatory military service. But once I completed that, I feel a lot happier. I feel like there’s a bit more flexibility for me.

— J.Seph

| Koreaboo via Tiffotography

As a four-member group of two women and two men, one being American, KARD will be on record as having one of the shortest hiatuses due to members’ enlistment. Now that J.Seph is back for good, KARD are all happy to be back together and for good.

Before the army, it was always a big hurdle to get over because it’s a two-year all-stop time when we can’t do anything as a group. So, he’s just happy we’re over that hurdle now.

— BM

| Koreaboo via Tiffotography

While all the members are passionate about promoting as a group, BM has occasionally released solos, such as, most recently, “STRANGERS.”

At this time, there are no definite plans for the others to release solo projects, but they all hope to. So, even while on tour, they are working on potential new music.

Everyone hopes for one, but, as of now, no set plans, but we are constantly working. I have my gear with me, my production equipment wherever I go. Whenever we can, whenever we have ideas, feel inspired, we try to come up with potential next album tracks.

— BM

| Koreaboo via Tiffotography

In any chapter of KARD’s journey, Hidden KARD will be there with them every step of the way!

| Koreaboo via Tiffotography

Currently, KARD are on their 2022 WILD KARD tour in North America.