Top South Korean Foods To Try For International Fans, According To ITZY

In an exclusive interview, the ITZY members reveal their top picks for South Korean meals international fans must try!

The members of the internationally acclaimed K-Pop girl group ITZY love food, and they won’t shy away from devouring whole meals even in front of the cameras.

ITZY members Chaeryeong, Yuna, Yeji, Lia, and Ryujin (left to right) | KOCOWA TV/YouTube

Although, perhaps, one of the few things that ITZY loves more than their food is their fans! In a rare moment at an exclusive interview with Spotify K-Pop ON! Track, the members had the chance to talk about both when asked what food they would recommend to MIDZYs living outside of South Korea.

| Spotify K-Pop ON! Track

Immediately, the youngest members, Chaeryeong and Yuna, exclaimed that tteokbokki, a popular Korean dish made of rice cake typically seasoned in spicy chili paste, was a must-have food experience. Ryujin also recommended rosé-tteokbokki, which is a less spicy, creamier variation of the dish.

Tteokbokki | Pixabay

Yeji also recommended kimchi fried rice, which is made by mixing kimchi, a traditional Korean side dish consisting of spicy seasoned fermented vegetables, and rice. It’s a good way of introducing the usual Korean flavors to foreigners since it’s easily paired with more familiar ingredients like eggs and other meats!

Kimchi fried rice | Pixabay

Lia also brought up samgyeopsal, which is grilled pork belly—a popular KBBQ choice. Some fans may have already tried samgyeopsal since some international restaurants have it on their menu, but having authentic pork belly from South Korea would take the dish to a whole other level!

Samgyeopsal | Pixabay

Lastly, Yuna recommended buldak noodles for more adventurous MIDZYs. Produced by the food manufacturer Samyang Foods, this dish is notoriously high in spice. Yuna said that she ate the noodles to relieve stress, and she hoped some fans would be able to share her experience.

Buldak noodles | Samyang Foods

The ITZY members finished by commenting that all their local food is delicious, so anything their fans have is bound to be good! What would you try first, given a chance to visit South Korea?


Watch the full interview below.

Source: Spotify K-Pop ON! Track