TXT’s Soobin “Felt Awkward” While Shooting A Scene For Their Album, But MOAs Would’ve Never Guessed It

He was a complete professional.

TXT‘s Soobin has been active in the K-Pop industry for several years now, but there are still times when he feels awkward in front of the camera! One such incident occurred in the recent shooting of the group’s The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION Hero Film.

TXT’s Soobin

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes video by Spotify K-Pop ON! Track, the members were surrounded by a dreamy and magical set filled with flowers, plants, and wooden furniture.

During Soobin’s solo scene, he sat in front of a table that held numerous glassware. He was asked by an interviewer afterwards, “How do you feel about your part in the shoot?

Soobin replied that he noticed how quickly the director approved of his cuts, which is why he was able to finish right away. “The director said ‘Okay’ to most of the cuts very fast, so I was able to finish the shoot quickly,” he shared.

Despite the speed at which his scenes were wrapped up, he admitted that he “felt a little awkward doing it.” He was tasked with hitting a glass with a stick to mimic the sound of a xylophone, but he felt slightly uncomfortable the entire time because he had never done a similar concept before.

I had to hit a glass with a translucent stick to make xylophone-like sounds. I’ve never filmed this kind of concept before, so I felt a little awkward doing it.

— Soobin

I hope the shots turn out well,” he wished. Seeing how cool and chic Soobin looked in the behind the scenes film, it’s almost impossible to tell that he felt awkward!

Interested in watching the full video? Check it out Spotify K-Pop ON! Track.

Source: K-Pop ON! Track


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