2019 vs. 2023: TXT Names The Two Things That Haven’t Changed At All Since Debut

Soobin’s response made everyone smile.

In an exclusive Spotify K-Pop ON! Track interview, TXT dished on the meaning behind “Sugar Rush Ride,” what their favorite tracks in the album are, their biggest wish for 2023, and more. The members also reflected on their achievements since debuting and what has remained consistent until now!


According to Taehyun, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the amount of effort they put into producing their albums. Then and now, it takes the combined effort of numerous people to prepare a single album. It’s why they are always putting out quality music!

I think what has stayed consistent is that we put so much effort into creating our albums. The total preparation period from pre-production to having the finished outcome, takes so many people putting work into it. That’s a fact that never changes with every album.

— Taehyun

Soobin, however, wanted to offer a different take, and it made everyone smile.


In his opinion, something that has stayed consistent throughout the years is his members. He fondly described them as “silly, kind, and pure.” Furthermore, he shared how much he admires how hardworking they are. “I think they’re the best! I love my members,” he exclaimed with a smile.

For me, it’s the members that never change. All of them are so silly, so kind, and pure. They all put in a lot of work.

— Soobin

But Soobin isn’t the only one who loves his members! In a separate question, they were asked how they stay motivated, and Beomgyu explained that he relies on his members a lot. Aside from his group mates, he also receives strength from fans, especially when he performs on stage.


Ever since COVID started, I relied on the members a lot. Starting last year, we were able to meet MOAs again, so since then, I’ve received a lot of energy from MOAs. I rely on MOAs a lot when I perform on stage.

— Beomgyu

Interested in watching the full interview? Check it out Spotify K-Pop ON! Track.

Source: K-Pop ON! Track