Could There Be A BTOB x VERIVERY Collab? VERIVERY Hopes To Work With These Popular Artists

Minchan is a certified Melody!

VERIVERYJellyfish Entertainment‘s seven-member boy group, has been making a name for themselves in their own way, known as “self-produced idols.”

From left: VERIVERY’s Yongseung, Kangmin, Minchan, Yeonho, Dongheon, Hoyoung, and Gyehyeon. | Jellyfish Entertainment

While they are quite independent, the members still find inspiration from their sunbaes. Previously, Hoyoung shared with The Honey Pop how others influence them.

I usually watch all the other artists’ performances. I get inspiration from watching various artists’ accounts, and when I think about what VERRERs will like, I believe new inspiration comes to mind.

— Hoyoung

Hoyoung | Jellyfish Entertainment

Naturally, the members would also like to work with others in the future. In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, VERIVERY revealed their dream collaborations.

Dongheon dreams of working with the legendary Sir Paul McCartney, formerly of the iconic British boy band The Beatles.

If possible, I would like to work with Paul McCartney.

I’m really into the warm, fuzzy vibes [from the songs he] recently released.

— Dongheon

Dongheon | Jellyfish Entertainment
Paul McCartney | Mary McCartney via Rolling Stone

Yongseung likes French multi-instrumentalist FKJ (also known as French Kiwi Juice) and American music artist Bruno Mars (also a member of Silk Sonic). Thus, he said, “I’d like to work with Bruno Mars or FKJ.”

Yongseung | Jellyfish Entertainment

Bruno Mars

Minchan, like all of us, is a fan of BTOB! So, he hopes to one day perform with them.

I would love to put together a performance with BTOB sunbae-nims. I’ve always liked BTOB as industry seniors. And I love the style of their music.

— Minchan

Minchan | Jellyfish Entertainment

Previously, Yeonho was part of the group performance on Episode 8 of Mnet‘s Road to Kingdom, in which BTOB’s “It’s Okay” was covered.

Could there be a BTOB x VERIVERY collaboration written in the stars?

As all of these would be legendary collaborations, we hope their dreams come true!

Source: The Honey Pop