This Is One Reason Why Asians Look Younger Than Westerners

Koreans were asked why Asian people look younger than Western people, and it all came down to completely opposite makeup trends.

Image Source: PONY Makeup

Korean people revealed that Westerners favor a makeup style that allows them to look mature and sophisticated.

Image Source: Kylie Jenner
Image Source: @OneFor2wice

Meanwhile, most Asians use a makeup style that places emphasis on a more youthful, innocent style and attitude.

Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, is only 17 years old. Image Source: Fashnberry
Gugudan‘s Mina is also 17 years old. Image Source: vpzja

American makeup trends often place importance on contouring, bold lipstick colors and blending eyeshadow to create depth.

American singer and actress, Madison Beer, just turned 18 this year. Image Source: Galore
Born in 1999, TWICE’s Tzuyu is also 18 years old, just like Madison. Image Source: The Studio

Asian makeup trends focus on attempting to look “bare face”. They use less eyeshadow, less contouring, and minimal lip tints rather than lipstick.

Victoria’s Secret model Romee Strijd is 21-year-old. Image Source: Pinterest
AOA’s Seolhyun is also 21 years old. Image Source: FM Korea
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