10 of the Absolute Best K-Pop Songs For When You Need a Mood Boost, According To Redditors

Put these songs on for positive vibes!

When you’re feeling down, there’s no better way to cheer up than jamming to some of your favorite songs!

Check out this list of 10 of Reddit’s favorite mood-boosting K-Pop songs to add to your playlist!

1. “More & More” by Twice

This summery bop by Twice is all about knowing you deserve more! Whether you’re aching for more out of a relationship like the song describes or out of any other aspect of your life, “More & More” is the perfect choice for when you need an upbeat reminder that you deserve better.

I know I want it. I’m not gonna try to please you anymore, ’cause I deserve it.

2. “Star” by Astro

“Star” is a ballad from Astro‘s third mini album, Autumn Story. The beautiful lyrics talk about someone coming into your life, becoming your strength, and transforming ordinary moments into magical ones.

When we’re together, it’s magical (Can you feel me?). Every moment is our perfect timing.

3. “Through the Night” by IU

Honestly, is there anything more comforting than listening to IU‘s voice over a stripped down track? IU once said the song is meant to be the most genuine kind of confession to a loved one and revealed she wrote the song during a sleepless night.

If you’re in need of good vibes on a late night, put on “Through the Night!”

Tonight, I’ll send you the firefly from that day to your window. I hope you have sweet dreams.

4. “Back Hug” by Girls’ Generation

This Girls’ Generation ballad is about wanting a lover to stick around forever, and its sweet lyrics really do feel like a hug!

Like big and beautiful wings, always stick behind me. The ordinary me in your arms became an angel.

5. “From Home” by NCT U

“From Home” tells the story of how the NCT U members feel at home with each other. The ballad’s lyrics are an incredibly warm reminder of how great it feels to find people you can truly be yourself with.

‘Cause of us I’m feeling strong again. When we trust each other, you make it natural for me to be here.

6. “Red Flavor” by Red Velvet

It’s impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to this summer jam by Red Velvet! “Red Flavor” is a love song to both a lover and summer, and its cheery melody and playful lyrics are practically guaranteed to boost your mood!

What I like the most is you in the summer.

7. “Forget About Tomorrow” by Jay Park Featuring Yultron

This Jay Park banger is about living in the moment. If you can’t stop wondering what tomorrow will bring, put on “Forget About Tomorrow” to remind you to focus on the present!

Let’s forget about tomorrow ’cause we’re living for tonight.

8. “Way Home” by TXT

“Way Home” is TXT‘s promise to MOAs that they’ll see each other again. Although the song is the group’s promise they’ll always be with MOAs, the lyrics of “Way Home” can apply to anyone you’re missing. If you want to feel close to people you haven’t seen in a while, put on “Way Home” while reminiscing on fond memories!

I make a wish upon the sky that we could remember each other forever. Until we can call each other’s names, we run together forever.

9. “Answer: Love Myself” by BTS

This BTS song is about the journey to self-love. In “Answer: Love Myself,” BTS reminds listeners to be less harsh on themselves and to love themselves unconditionally. “Answer: Love Myself” is the ultimate reminder to love yourself as you are now, as you were in the past, and as you will be in the future.

Now let’s forgive ourselves. Our lives are long, trust yourself when in a maze. When winter passes, spring always comes.

10. “Fireflies” by NCT DREAM

This NCT DREAM track was released in collaboration with the World Scout Foundation and is packed with positive vibes. Whenever you need a little extra motivation and a quick mood boost, put on “Fireflies” and let NCT DREAM’s positivity inspire you!

I know it’s hard sometimes to see the light, but you and I keep on dreaming.


Source: Image (1) and (2) and Reddit