10 Adorable Moments From Run! BTS #58

BTS never fail to entertain.

Episode 58 of A.R.M.Y’s favorite variety show was just released and with it came a whole host of precious moments from BTS.

#1 – “Blender, Please!”

In his search for the “grinding machine”, J-Hope enthusiastically tried out his English.

#2 – Expert Chef Min Yoongi

Suga was calm and collected in the kitchen. Everyone was in awe of his cooking talents.

#3 – BTS crossing team lines

Despite being on three separate teams and competing, BTS still had time to help one another. Here we see Jungkook helping blend team Ref’s pesto.

#4 – Vmin Supporting One Another

Today’s episode certainly was a “Vmin” episode as team 1995s supported each other until the end.

#5 – Passionate Pesto

Team Ref spent must have spent at least 15 minutes standing at the blender to perfect the tastiest pesto known to man.

#6 – Jin Taking Care of the Maknae

As the caption says, it’s like Jin was a mother bird feeding noodles to his baby.

#7 – Expert Chef Min Yoongi Confirmed

The chef showered Suga with praise for his cooking, telling him that “he knew exactly what he was doing”. Suga really is a talent in the kitchen.

#8 – Jimin Sneakily Sitting On V’s Lap

When the chef came over to taste their food, Jimin smoothly moved on to V’s lap which got a smile out of his friend.

#9 – Jin and Jungkook Hugging

After a dramatic rock paper scissors victory against Jimin, Jin jumped on his friend Jungkook in triumph.

#10 – Suga realizes that someone has messed with his Cola

The ever-mischievous Vmin decided to put salt in Suga’s cola before serving it to him and he realized immediately. Why you would risk making Suga angry is beyond me!

It was another episode packed full of adorable moments, you can watch the full episode below: